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Sunpac Solutions

We are a company with great expertise & focus to get you the right mobility solution.

We provide one-stop mobile solution for your business and help you grow by leveraging the mobile technology for internal business process management and automation. Our field service solution is all-device ready and it provides on field data collection, validation and authentication of data with live update and GPS tracking.

In the age of mobility no business can afford to be absent from the mobile space, and we are the right people to get you exactly that. We have expertice in Consumer Apps for your business and can provide you with custom mobile apps to further engaging your customers on their mobiles.

No mobile app is complete without the back-end. We help you in integrating web services with your mobile app. Whether private or public cloud we can provide you with tried and tested solution for your app's back-end.

Mamun Srizon

Our expertise are in the following technologies

Android App

We help you get your presence on the most widely used mobile OS platform.

iOS App

We also build native iOS mobile apps as nothing can beat the native iOS experience.

Smart Device

The devices these days are getting smarter, so do we, by getting your presence on these devices.

Web Apps & Back-end

We help your apps get a responsive back-end service using cloud computing technologies.

Testing & Bug Hunting

We test your existing apps using all the industry standards and help you identify issues before you customer.

QA & Security Compliance

We help your apps be secure and fun for your customers by doing a regorus security and quality checks on it.

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